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Our mission is to Employ, Empower, and Evolve the Windsor-Essex community!E3 Works was founded on principles that set its operation apart from other employment agencies. What started out as a small business with entrepreneurial values in mind, has quickly grown into a successful personnel agency.

Residents of Windsor-Essex continuously hear of high unemployment rates, lay-off notices and employment circumstances that can often be discouraging. Regardless of our unpredictable job market and economy at times, our team at E3 Works ensures we are always adapting to changing demands. We accomplish this by performing market research, developing unique recruitment strategies, and collaborating with other business partners. We pride ourselves in placing only the most suitable talent in the workforce.

Our approach to employment is compassionate and personal. We offer employment in a variety of sectors including; Industrial, administration, finance, logistics, tool and mold, engineering and management. Our team recruits for a wide range of industries to guarantee the success of both our clients and candidates.

Why Partner with Us?

Competitive Rates
● Quality Service
● Immediately Available Workforce
● Identify Top Talent

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● Cost Effective
● Zero Client Liability
● Increases Candidate Success Rates
● Alleviate Stress of Tight Timelines
● Foster Business Growth


Our Team

Grant Molyneux

Grant is the owner and founder of E3 Works. He graduated from St. Clair College specializing in an Advanced Diploma in Human Resources. Before his pursuits in entrepreneurship, Grant gained experience working in different general labour and factory roles in order to pay his tuition for post-secondary. After graduation, Grant obtained a position in finance for a very reputable Canadian financial institution. From this opportunity, he gained almost a decade of experience in management, customer service, and leadership. Grant went into the employment industry to make a positive impact and contribute back to the Windsor-Essex community. Grant loves wine and his dream job would be a Master Sommelier.

Courtney Dixon

Courtney is the E3 Works Finance Manager. She graduated from the University of Windsor obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialization in HR. She wouldn’t say that she chose to work in finance, but rather that finance chose her. She started out as a recruiter at E3 Works and gradually became more and more involved in accounting and finance projects. With both of her parents being CPAs, throughout her life she took on skillsets that helped her excel in projects for the company. These projects were more so related to the accounting aspect of the business, rather than recruitment and selection. Within 2 years of her employment at E3, she became the Head of Finance. Her favourite part about finance is the enjoyment of being given new projects and aiding in the implementation of new software developments. She enjoys being able to figure something out from scratch and completing it from start to finish while assisting others by creating easier and faster solutions. Her favourite part of the job is taking on special projects. Courtney’s dream job would be to travel the world with her dog Storm.

Reta Youhana

Reta is the Recruitment Manager at E3 Works. In 2021, Reta graduated from the University of Windsor with an Honors Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resource Management. At the age of five, Reta and her parents dropped the life they knew in Iraq and moved to Canada with the hope of a better future. It was difficult for her family to assimilate into a new country. With the help of recruitment agencies similar to E3 Works, her parents were able to find their first jobs. She became a recruiter because she knew she wanted to give back and help her community, the way that her parents were helped. Reta loves being able to meet new people and discuss shared experiences. If money were not an issue, Reta would be an interior decorator or fashion designer.

Alex Redmond

Alex is a graduate of the Business Administration Human Resources Management program at St. Clair College. After school, he was drawn toward recruiting due to his large amount of customer service experience. He finds that working with people and finding work for various individuals is rewarding. His favourite part of the job are his coworkers that make it fun for him to go to work every day. Alex strives to gain valuable experience in this position to help him pursue his future ambitions in the world of Human Resources. His dream job would be to become the Director of Human Resources in the Healthcare field. Alex has a lot of family in the Healthcare field drawing inspiration towards that field.