A tailored approach to staffing



E3 Works receives hundreds of resumes each week. Each resume is reviewed, screened and categorized based on which position(s) our process indicates will be the best match for each individual candidate’s success.


Each candidate receives a phone call from one of our recruiters. This allows our team to initiate a personal connection with each candidate and gauge their level of interest and experience before a formal interview is requested.


Upon completion of a successful phone interview, the candidate is invited to either proceed with a virtual interview or visit our office for a formal interview. Each interview varies based on the available position. Each candidate is subject to a series of knowledge and skill testing, as well as situational and behavioural-based interview questioning that is specifically related to the work assignment. All testing and screening at this stage in our process is crucial to ensure the alignment and fit between the candidate and our client.


1. Testing
We administer various types of skill and aptitude testing prior to candidate placement to ensure that the requirements set by our clients are met.
2. On-Site Supervision
We take pride in the candidates that we provide to our clients. We conduct regular site visits to ensure that both our clients and our employees are comfortable and enjoying their experience, as well as address any questions or requests that either party may have.
3. PPE
All of our employees are subject to mandatory Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training that is specific to their particular client employer prior to entering the workplace. Employees may be fitted for specialty safety equipment if the employer requires it.
4. Time Sheets
We work with our clients to create a method of time-keeping that meets their financial and production requirements. Examples may include: manual punch clock, digital time keeping system or weekly hour logs. E3 Works aligns our system with yours to ensure total ease of access for employee time keeping and data transfer.
5. Orientation
Employees of E3 Works are provided with all of the necessary training and orientation material prior to beginning their work assignment with the client. Such materials or training can include: Review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, WHMIS, Worker Health and Safety Awareness training, Workplace Violence and Harassment training, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities, and even employer-specific training (if requested).
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